We Are Changing The Way You Sell Your Home

When Treo sells your home, there are no up-front fees or term contracts, only our commitment to you. If we don’t sell your home or you’re not happy with our service, you don’t owe use anything. Once your home is sold, the price for Treo’s services is a flat $3,000. It’s the same price for every transaction because we believe your agent’s compensation should be determined by the level of service you receive, not the sale price of your home.

Pay less for the buyer’s agent too

What many first-time home sellers don’t realize is that the seller traditionally pays the buyer’s agent as well. Although we can’t determine how much the buyer’s agents is charging for his or her services, we recommend also offering them $3,000. Other agents may not initially like this offer but each agent has a duty to put their client’s needs in front of their own. In most instances, if a buyer is interested in your home, we can negotiate down the commission for the buyer’s agent to a reasonable fee – putting more money in your pocket.

Have Peace of Mind Knowing that we are taking care of everything

Our business model is based on always putting our customers first. That means from the initial home consultation, to the home showing, to the final sale negotiation, you’ll be working with a friendly, professional agent. We strive to provide the highest quality service and that’s why you’ll find real people answering the phone, responding to your questions, and offering guidance whenever you need it. We truly take the stress out of selling your home. But don’t just take our word for it, let us show you how dedicated we are by giving us a try – no obligations, up-front fees, or term contracts.

Contact Us Today – Risk Free

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