Treo Saves You Thousands on Your Home Purchase

There is a general misconception that when you buy a home your agent is “free” because the seller pays all the commissions. This is not true. Traditionally, 3% of the home price goes to each agent. In other words, 6% of the price you pay for your home (your mortgage payment) goes to real estate agents – not the value of your home. Treo can help you put that money back into your home.

pay a simple, flat price for a full-service real estate firm

Our cost structure is simple, straightforward, and ultimately benefits your bottom line. This means the price you pay your agent doesn’t increase just because you decide to go with the more expensive home that you love. Instead, the price of our buyer services is a flat $3,000 for every transaction. Period. And it’s risk free, no term contracts or fees due up front.

This flat price covers all of your buying needs. Whether you’ve already picked out your dream home or you’re just starting your search, we’ve got you covered. As your agent, we save you travel time by providing you full, online MLS access so that you can easily find the homes that you’re interested in. Once you’ve narrowed it down, we can show you as many homes as you would like and then coordinate the transaction when you’ve picked the home you want.

Our price structure gives you money back

Home sellers and new home builders must advertise the commission being offered to a buyer’s agent. Typically, this is a percentage amount well above our flat price. When the amount of compensation offered is higher than $3,000, we will credit the difference back to you, saving you thousands of dollars.

You can use this credit in many ways. For example, it can be used to reduce the home price or even used as a credit to the seller (making your offer more attractive). Your credit can also be used as prepaid lender items or prepaid escrow. When buying a new home, the credit can go towards home upgrades, lot premiums, landscaping, and other home improvements. Simply put, Treo earns you money.

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